The Project “EPIC - Employability & Private businesses Incubator Centre”

Vocational and Career Orientation. Training on employment acceleration and business incubator methodologies.The project is taking place in Prishtina, Ferizaj and Gjakova (Kosovo).

Financed by: EU-CELIM, Kosovo

Student assessment for the competence-based curriculum approach, in pre-university education.

CCS koordonon veprimtarite qe zhvillojne ekspertët e IZHA në bashkëpunim të ngjushtë me Ministrinë e Arsimit, Sportit dhe Rinisë (MASR) për vlerësimin e bazuar në kompetenca,

Financed by: KulturKontakt Austria

Development of Mechatronic National Curricula (and relevant qualification profiles) for the Albanian vocational education and training system

The Centre for Competitive Skills (CCS) is supporting the market survey in the mechatronic field and the development of the relevant qualification profile and frame-curricula to be implemented in the Albanian VET system. The project is taking place in Tirana, Durres, Elbasan and Kruja (Albania).

Financed by: GIZ Albania

Deliver Training for 60 Teachers and Instructors of VET Public Providers – “Didactics in VET”

The Centre delivered 24 days training program for 200 selected VET teachers and instructors, based on the approved “Pedagogical In-Service Training Program of VET Teachers and Instructors in Albania”.

Financed by: GIZ Albania

Training program for engaging unemployment vulnerable groups in hospitality and tourism sector.

Training women, unemployed and vulnerable youth, men in poverty in rural regions of Tropoja for career orientation in Hospitality and Tourism sector.

Financuar nga: Mary Ward Loreto Foundation

Using of social platforms for sharing teaching and learning materials and didactic media

Using of Social platforms by VET teachers for education reasons is considered an easy, fast, effective and cheap instrument. Sharing of documents and materials among teachers/instructors of the same vocational sector/subject and contribute to fill the gap created by the lack of textbooks and other supporting materials.

Financed by: ETF

Learning Portfolio as a tool to support and measure the achievement of competence-based learning on High Secondary General Education in Albania 

Training of Regional Education Directories (RED), selected experts, school directors and selected teachers for the piloting of the new school curricula.

Financed by: KulturKontakt Austria

Study on Automation Technology

Conducted a labour market survey to assess the needs of companies for skilled workers/qualified staff in the field of automation technology.

Financed by: GIZ Albania