VET Curricula revision and training of teachers on green and digital skills

VET Curricula revision and training of teachers on green and digital skills

Financed by: GIZ ProSEED 2.0 – Sustainable Economic and regional development, employment promotion and Vocational Education and Training 

Implementation period: 08/2023 – 03/2025

The current, specific situation in Albania, undergoing economic reforms and seeking EU integration, faces challenges due to its underdeveloped economy, the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and climate change. The transition towards greener and more resilient economies is crucial, and the EU’s Green Deal and the “Green Agenda for the Western Balkans” provide frameworks for Albania’s economic development. The twin transition of green growth and digital transformation can address environmental challenges while promoting economic development and job creation. As part of this transition, ProSEED 2.0 aims to integrate green and digital elements into measures for job seekers’ qualification and integration into the labour market. The focus is on developing competencies, raising awareness of sustainable behavior, and modernizing qualification content. Through integrating green and digital elements into qualifications and vocational training, enhancing MSMEs’ competitiveness, stabilizing employment, and strengthening relevant national ministries, the program seeks to address the evolving needs of the labor market.

To achieve its objectives, Center for Competitive Skills conducted demand studies, revised and developed VET curricula with green and digital elements, and intends to implement teachers training. With a focus on four priority sectors—energy, construction, tourism and hospitality, and agriculture—the program aims to pilot modernized training programs to incorporate sustainability and digitalization elements. By enhancing theoretical knowledge and practical skills, aligning with sectoral growth trends, and focusing on regions with sector concentration, the program strives to meet the challenges of a transitioning economy, fostering sustainable development, job creation, and social inclusion in Albania.

Key objectives of this program are:

  • Drafting of skills demand studies with focus on new generation skills specifically on green and digital elements are prepared for four different sectors: Energy sector, Construction Sector, Tourism and Hospitality Sector, Agriculture Sector
  • Piloting of 10 vocational qualification curricula as part of modernized training programs, incorporating elements of sustainability and digitalization             
  • Training of a total of 120 teachers/instructors on the content of updated curricula, integrating green and digital elements into their instructional practices
  • Out of the graduates who have completed the modernized vocational qualification measures, 1,100 individuals will have successfully secured employment or become self-employed. Among them, 450 will be women and 220 returnees.