We are Center for Competitive Skills

We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to fostering human capital development within the framework of lifelong learning, while actively contributing to the sustainable advancement of education and training in Albania. Our primary objective is to empower young individuals and adults by providing them with quality and functional education, enabling them to achieve competitiveness and success in the labor market.


Established in 2016, our organization has steadfastly worked towards enhancing the education and training landscape for young people and adults. Our dedicated efforts are aimed at meeting the diverse needs of individuals, society, and the labor market, ultimately equipping them with the necessary competitive skills required for success.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote human capital development in a lifelong learning perspective, as a fundamental contribution to increasing prosperity, creating sustainable growth and encouraging social inclusion in a highly competitive global economy and fast changing society.

Our organization is committed to contribute to the sustainable development of education and training of young people and adults to meet the individual, society and the labour market needs, and increase their competitive skills. 

About us

Our centre aims to contribute to the pre-university, general and vocational education sector, policy formulation, teacher training and qualification, curriculum development, teaching materials, project design and implementation, etc.

We promote youth entrepreneurship, support start-ups, advise and train marginalized groups, promote women’s initiatives for business and career development.

We are proud to be involved in projects that promote sustainable tourism, sustainable agriculture and food processing, sustainable vocational education and training, and compulsory education. These initiatives aim to promote sustainable economic growth, create employment opportunities, and reduce environmental impact.

The Centre for Competitive Skills is experienced in organizing trainings, with over 200 training held in the last three years, and over 4000 people trained.

CCS is also committed to helping vulnerable groups, including returnees and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, to acquire the skills they need to become part of the green economy. We provide career orientation advice on-site and on-the-job coaching, as well as psychological counseling, to help individuals overcome barriers and successfully transition to a green economy.


General pre-university education.

  • Training of teachers and leaders
  • Supporting pre-university education for project-based grants
  • Supporting young people in entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Career orientation
  • Developing students’ professional skills in general education helps them integrate into the labor market.
  • Publications to help schools and teachers

Vocational education and training

  • Training of leaders and teachers/instructors of vocational education and training (VET)
  • Supporting public and private VET schools and centers to receive grants
  • Support for young people and adults in entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Labor market orientation of schools
  • Development of key life skills in vocational education
  • Publishing and studies

Adult vocational training, on the job training

  • Management of short-term on-the-job training programs/curricula
  • Developing qualifications in the tourism and hospitality sector
  • Business support for the development of human resources in the hospitality sector.
  • Analysis of the profession for purposes of human resource qualification
  • Publications and studies

Development of curriculum documents

  • Expert group moderation for the design of different level qualifications
  • Training for Curriculum Implementation.
  • Publications

Circular economy

  • Awareness of the population
  • Promotion of policies, initiatives in Albania
  • Training of representatives of business, NGOs and education
  • Promotion of EU policies

Value chain in various sectors of craft, small and medium businesses.

  • Preparation of qualifications (as well as curricula) for education and training, training programs and provision of professional training for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Support activities through the organization of fairs, meetings, conferences, seminars
  • Establishment of cooperation relations with local or foreign organizations that support the business
  • Orientation and training for increased competitiveness