Promoting Interregional logistic clustering in Adrion Area

Financed by: Interreg VI-B IPA ADRION Programme 2021-27

Implementation period: 07/2024 – 07/2027

Priority Axis 1: Supporting a Smarter Adriatic and Ionian Region

Specific Objective 1.1: Strengthening innovation capacities in the Adriatic and Ionian Region

The ADRION area faces significant limitations in logistics systems and services, hindering the efficient exchange of goods within the region. The absence of last-mile connections between ports, intermodal terminals, and logistics centers disrupts the local logistic chains’ overall capacity. Additionally, the region’s clusters are underdeveloped, as research centers, public authorities, and private companies fail to leverage the benefits of cooperation fully.

Project Objectives and Expected Changes

Our project aims to address these challenges by enhancing the sustainability, innovation, and internationalization of the logistic sector in the ADRION area. The overarching goal is to establish a Smart & Sustainable Macro-regional Cluster based on the 4helix model. By doing so, we expect to modernize the logistic sector, foster collaboration among key stakeholders, and promote environmentally friendly practices.

Objectives include strengthening links among logistic SMEs, academia, and public authorities, promoting technology transfer, supporting internationalization, introducing eco-friendly services, and building capacity to establish smart, sustainable clusters.