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“Shyqyri Bërxolli” Street, Aurora Building, Tiranë

Business hours


09:00 – 17:00


To maintain the environment of transparency in our company, we have created the “Transparency Helpline”. You are encouraged to contact us by email at whenever you wish to address any situation that you believe falls short of the level of transparency and security that our organization requires.

Job vacancies

If you would like to be considered for a position at CCS, you can check regularly for new positions, or send us your CV and a short profile at

We wish you success!


CCS accepts applications for internships.
To be accepted as an intern you must be part of a
university program or research institute.
Your application must contain:
  • Suitable CV
  • Letter stating your specific interests and objectives and the duration of your engagement with us
  • A brief research proposal describing the specific activities intended during the internship, and
  • A letter of support, or documentation showing the connection between your application and the relevant program of study or research, from your university or institution.
It is preferred that the internship lasts 3-12 months, but we remain open to evaluating other suggestions. Payment for the duration of the internship is not guaranteed and the funding of research activities is subject to negotiations involving mutual interests.
Before applying, we encourage you to consult the website of CCS and our activities to familiarize yourself with our work.
Please direct your questions, or send the application, with the subject ‘Application for
Work Practice’, at
We value every application and try to answer you as soon as possible.