Rreth CCS


  • We support a quality and functional education to help young people and adults to be competitive and successful in the labor market.
  • Our Centre intends to contribute in the pre-university sector, in general and professional education, with policy formulation, teacher training and qualification, curricula development, teaching and learning materials, project design and implementation, etc.
  • We promote youth entrepreneurship, support start-ups, mentor and train marginalized groups, promote women's business and career development initiatives.


Professional short-term courses
2. Trajnimi profesional i mesuesve
  • Hospitality and tourism industry
  • Agri-food processing
  • Design and artisans
Professional training of teachers
1. Kurse profesionale afatshkurtra
  • Of the general pre-universal education
  • Of education and professional training
Training and consulting
3. Trajnimi dhe këshillimi për të rinjtë dhe të rriturit për t’u orientuar në botën e punës dhe sipërmarrjes
  • Training and consulting for young and adults to be oriented in the world of employment and enterprise