It is the era of short-term professional courses, through which a sufficient and valuable expertise is gained to start a career as an expert in a particular field or to advance professionally to new branches.
American experience of practicality and formation is the best experience to take as an example in this case.
Albanians are absorbing and challenging new and good things and absorbing them very fast, despite the difficulties.
We bring a new approach to profit profiling, expertise, innovation and various specialties for which the labour market and businesses are in urgent need.
After finishing studies in law, economics, etc., it will be a priority for each attendee to create a certified specialty in the safe exercise of the profession and employment prospects.
Your certificate gives you the legal and professional credibility of practicing your profession wherever you are going to practice it!


The courses offered by the Centre are:

  • Didactic training of teachers and instructors of vocational education and training - 24 days in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, and with the financing of GIZ.
  • Continuous training for the learning portfolio in pre-university education in cooperation with MESY, IED and with the financial support of KulturKontakt.
  • Continuous teacher training for the exchange of teaching materials through social platforms in collaboration with the National Agency for Education, Vocational Training and Qualifications and ETF funding (link fb).
  • Continuous training of pre-university education teachers related to competence-based assessment in cooperation with MESY, IED and the financial support of KulturKontakt.
  • Adult training with regard to services in tourist hostels.
  • Continuous training at work related to bar-restaurant service.
  • Continuous professional training on house-keeping and maintenance services.
  • Continued training on career orientation for adults and young people throughout life.
  • Continuing professional training on entrepreneurial skills throughout life as a key competency.
  • Continuing training on integrating professional skills into pre-university general education as a career orientation opportunity.
  • Continued training on the design of short-term vocational training programs based on business needs.