Background of the Assignment

The Center for Competitive Skills (CCS) has been awarded a grant  contract from the European  Union for ‘Increasing awareness of CSOs and SMEs on the importance of circular economy in line with the EU Circular Economy Package’.

Circular economy has become a topic of relevance among European policymakers. It is a concept associated with sustainability, innovation and resource efficiency. Embracing the concept of circular economy is a way to work towards green economic growth. In fact, circular economy involves a mixture of policies: environmental, economic and social policies.
The EU’s efforts towards a sustainable, low carbon and resource efficient economy have been incorporated in the EU Circular Economy Package, adopted in 2015. This is the EU strategy towards a sustainable low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy. Closing the loop means that what today we see as waste that needs to be cleaned up, in reality, has the potential to create more value as a resource that can be reused infinite times.

For Albania – which is at an important milestone, in its path towards European integration – the circular economy gains particular importance. Albania needs to start working towards a circular economy and green growth. In terms of the legislation approximation process, the Circular Economy –related legislation falls under chapter 27 “Environment and climate change” of the EU acquis. Therefore, as Albania continues its process of approximation of national legislation to the EU acquis (including chapter 27), stakeholders need to be well informed on the benefits and challenges, need to be consulted during the approximation process, and need to know best practices in the EU, in order to finally embrace the concept and to achieve EU standards.

The transition towards a circular economy will require good governance (goals and priorities), capacity building and support/incentives to the private sector, CSOs and academia. Above all, a joint effort by stakeholders is required for a smooth transition towards circular economy. Albania will need to harmonize into its legislation, the adopted EU Circular Economy Package. It will also need to use circular economy as a means to accomplish its commitments in the framework of the 2030 Agenda. This project helps specifically in Albania by increasing capacity of the stakeholders, by delivering policy recommendations for state authorities that help the implementation of circular economy in Albania in order to achieve EU standards.

CCS needs to engage an IT and Communication Expert for an Effective engagement of stakeholders and the public in raising awareness on circular economy; design and application of tailored communication tools that meet the needs of the different target audiences.


Objective of the Assignment

The project aims as follows: (i) Increase awareness on the importance of embracing principles of a circular economy, in line with the EU Circular Economy Package and Commission’s Waste Targets Review; (ii) Support the transition process towards a circular economy for SMEs, CSOs and academia by building capacities, creating a stakeholders’ network and developing policy recommendations.


Scope of work


The Expert(s) of IT and Communication shall be responsible for handling the communication and  PR of the project, for the campaigns, for awareness raising, both through the website of  CCS and through social media. He/she will be responsible for maintaining the website and postings, updating etc. the project activities.

More specific duties shall include:


  • Advise and assist CCS for communication on Circular Economy awareness raising among target stakeloder groups
  • Support CCS in drafting and implementing the communication plan
  • Assist in the formulation of tailor-made messages/approaches to target groups
  • Provide advice and recommendations to CCS regarding use and development of online presence.


Qualification and Professional Requirements


  • Masters/University degree in public relations/communication, journalism, social sciences or related field to the assignment, or relevant equivalent experience
  • Exceptional writing and content development skills, with demonstrated achievement in developing highly accessible content for a variety of audiences and in print, web, multi-media and video formats
  • Ability to produce high quality outputs rapidly with excellent editing skills
  • Proven record of minimum 5 years of professional experience relevant to the field of assignment
  • Experience planning, introducing and managing processes and digital tools, streamlining content development and knowledge management processes, including development and implementation of improvements in document and multimedia workflow
  • Experience in working in/with public sector and/or corporate and/or civil society constituents
  • Experience in developing and promoting the web-based tools for communication, visibility and awareness raising purposes



Evaluation procedure

Expert’s Applications will be evaluated based on a cumulative analysis taking into consideration the combination of the technical qualifications and financial proposal.

Technical Criterion– max 70%

Criterion A: Qualifications and skills – max 25%

Criterion B: General proffessional experince – max 20%

Criterion C: Specific proffessional experience – max 25%

Only the highest ranked Expert candidates who would be awarded a minimum of 70% of the technical evaluation score will be considered for the financial Evaluation.

Financial Criterion – max 30%

Reporting and Duration

The expert will be closely cooperating with the CCS staff to coordinate activities as well as the deadlines for delivery. The duration of the project will be 12 months with a weighted engagement of 20 days.


Interested applicants may obtain further information regarding the Terms of Reference at the websites: or at the address below:

Center for Competitive Skills

Rr. Sulejman Pasha P 70/1 Kati 2,Tirana, Albania


Interested applicants should submit:

  • Expression of interest
  • A separate financial offer for this assignment
  • Recently updated CV;


Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form (post or by e- mail) to the below address:


Center for Competitive Skills

Rr. Sulejman Pasha P 70/1 Kati 2,Tirana, Albania


Attn: Mrs. Ledi Leka

Project Manager


The right corner of the envelope or subject of the e-mail must indicate the relevant position of interest. The deadline for receipt of submission is December 12th, 2019 at 16.30 PM.